Relaying Claim

Recently I graduated from nurse practitioner school, found a job and began to work. Everything worked out fine, I phoned a friend when I had questions, liked what I was doing. I had time to spare which was unusual for me, school does not like downtime. I decided to fill my downtime researching my genealogy.

I thought I knew my parts, well at least I thought I would be in the ballpark. Nope I wasn’t. We did ancestry in case there is a wonder. I asked my daughter to do hers too, so I could see if they made a mistake. Nope she was near mine. I am 2% Norway, 42% Scottish Highlands, 56% English/Wales/ Northwestern Europe. I had no idea I wasn’t a very large melting pot. My circle is not colorful.

I now had to figure out which side contributed what pieces. I am 6 months in and still going backwards. I requested and received my father’s birth certificate, waiting for the death certificate so I can obtain his navy records now. I requested and received immigration ship records from Scotland.

Hailing from Argyleshire, my widowed (maternal side) 6th great grandmother with her four children departed Greenwich Scotland to North Carolina. She came seeking a better life in 1747 after her husband died in the war of 1746. I learned that journey took 6 weeks, most passengers would not make it, yet all 5 were accounted for in Fayetteville, NC. Fayetteville was the oldest Scotch Highland settlement in America.

I am working on it all still. I have numerous emails out but many places are shut down so I wait.