About Me



April 2020

I graduated in May 2019, passed my boards in July and secured a job in September. Now I work in a small clinic 5 to 6 days per week. On my down time I peruse the internet, Pinterest, and books to find new traveling adventures.

We love exploring, being active and enjoying life. I love sharing the world with my family. My son has such an open view, he believes everyone has good in them, and absorbs history and knowledge like water. My daughter she’s 8 years older, enjoys college, and is developing a world view. They are both magnificently amazing in their own individuality.



What do I say about me?! I started this site to share. I have family and friends in many states. I honestly couldn’t keep up on facebook so I thought I would share here.

I am willingly entrenching myself with school and it will become very demanding. School will continue to place demands on me, with the support of my family and friends, I will succeed in nurse practitioner school. This site is really for me to keep up with me and for you to see what I am doing.

I am a mom, wife, student, chef, taxi driver, knee patcher, gardener, ER nurse, fabric lover, and me. I attend a virtual university full time to complete a second masters. Yes, I wanted to be a physician but after being wait listed twice, I decided to take a new path. I am sure it will come to me one day in the next 3 years or so. My husband is very supportive and we joke about my new career path will be his retirement path.  We have a great relationship and I love him. My children are very excited. The older girl, Lulu, is excited! She wants to be a dentist, dermatologist, and artist. Lulu is very creative! My young guy, GiGi, is happy we both go to school. He’s young  but not clueless and he supports me in his 9 year old way. Thanks to my husband, the Goatee Man, for all his encouragement. I know my path would not be walked if it wasn’t for my family’s support!

My friends are awesome. I kept friends from Illinois and I made some new friends when I moved to New Mexico. My life is full of warm friends and I hope to meet more along the way. I love them and need them. Thanks to you guys!

Thanks to my spirituality! At times we’ve had a rough go of it and I fell many times. You’ve always accepted me back and never turned from me. Thank you!

Please stop by, cook with me, share with me, travel with me and love that I want to stay in your lives with each post!

Love you all,

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What a fun idea! New Mexico is truly enchanting and I hope you find all of its beauty and uniqueness on your journey.
    I love the name of your site! My mom followed your same path, sans the medical school part. I wish you had known her. 😉
    I will watch your journey unfold in the coming years. I wish you love, inspiration and luck! We are both transplants to a new land, and with that comes challenges, growth and lots of laughs.
    Hugs from the West Coast.

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