Not Ready

Yesterday our son returned home! He wasn’t at college; he’s 12. He spent a week with his 3 cousins, aunt and uncle. He loved every minute of the time he shared. The four kids are about the same age so they played well together. They rode bikes, played in the pool, video games, board games, etc. My son really enjoyed the week.

On the other hand, we missed him. He’s such a strong presence in our house. My daughter is off at college too so the husband and I were alone. The first day, I had such a confused feeling coming home from work. The doggo met me at the backdoor, Rick yelled hi from the den and the cats meowed their welcome. That was it. The silence was deafening. I could see his shoes at the door, lego on the counter but he was off having his own adventure.

I know I am not ready for my babes to be grown. Lulu, daughter, loves to prod and poke about being married, never returning home, etc. She knows it drives me batty, irritates and still she will get that flame burning! I am not ready for any of our kids to be out of our house. Rick and I travel separately with friends or family and we travel with our children. We don’t travel alone yet. Many people have expressed that we need our alone time, “You two should travel alone once per year”, yada yada yada. We choose not to to do that.

Yes it is wonderful to be alone with your life mate. We love each other immensely. We share alone time in the evenings when the son is off to bed. We’ll sit close on the couch speaking of politics, possible next trips, work issues, a life that we share. We’ll watch a show on the tube, drink chamomile tea and be well comforted by sitting together. We are content for now to share our travel life with our children.

Travel is a luxury. As one can see in the different posts: Family travel or We both travel separately with friends and family. It works well for us. It is less expensive to place one on a plane compared to 3 or 4. Each time one of us travels we return with stories of memories to be shared and enjoyed. We think each of us needs alone time to develop. Now by saying that plus describing that our children are and were always with us is odd.

One of us, Rick or I, are always home. We prefer not to leave our children without a parent. It’s something we discussed prior to the birth of our son. Rick works for himself. Prior to graduation, I worked three 12 hour shifts per week (now it’s more hours but there is a goal to reach). So there is always one parent with the kids or now, one home kiddo. Yes they have friends over and Lulu would have sleepovers with her friends. The 12 year old boy is really not interested in sleepovers . He went on one overnight to race his school group’s slot car. My girl is definitely more social then my son. Then again he is 12 and maybe, it’s still to come.

Today, though, he’s all about spending time with mama. I love it. We’ll exercise, eat, ride our bikes, play battleship…yes he has a planned written list …and I have off for three days. I am so glad he’s home.

Now if only Lulu would return home. She’s a college girl and enjoys her life in the city and is unsure when she will next venture home. We need to marry her to a man of our choosing so we can keep them close. Yes we know that is not realistic; however, neither is living 1400 miles from us. Yes we love our children and always want them close by.

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