Never Give Up

Sunday was a fabulously active day! I met up with a group to hike a trail. The trail is about 5 miles long with many elevation changes, ie..steep hills. We all started out at the trail head in good spirits, laughing, and chatting. About 1/2 mile into it I took a picture, I noticed one member that was red, not really smiling anymore but still chatting with other climbers. I proceeded to encourage the group that this was super fun and so glad they joined me.

We are now about two miles into our hike. Its hot. Dry heat here in New Mexico. Dry, hot heat here. I took more pictures and saw she was red, not sweating, and still she walked but not alone. Different climbers took turns to walk with her, voicing encouragement and chatting about the surroundings. She continued with us.

We arrived at the bottom of the last hill and I was asked what now, I said we go back up, retrace our steps. So we turned around and back up the steepest hill of the trek. At one point walking up she bent over and I thought oh no she’s nauseated. I felt so bad for her but she raised up and continued on. We all said many words of encouragement until we could see that she just needed us to be quiet and walk.

After she made it to the end!! She said she didn’t know she could do it. She said she didn’t think she would make it. She wanted to tell us to pick her up on the return. She didn’t want to continue. Through all of her mental and physical struggle she persevered, she overcame and she won. She made it! We returned to the trail head with our group intact! We are all so proud of her!

I am so proud of her perseverance! She has thoughts to begin working out weekly! She even agreed to join us next Saturday!! So excited for her!

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