Gila National Forest, Cliff Dwellings

Last week we were in need of some quality alone time. We left all the telephones, TVs and the like behind. We did have music! Tons of music being played on the 6 hour road trip to Gila.

We stayed in a quaint VRBO that perfectly accommodated the three of us. I did not take many pictures of the beautiful place or the 1920’s stove! We cooked in the oven once and the top range many times. We used the outdoor propane grill daily! That’s the best invention due to keeping the heat out of the house! It’s already 100F…it’s the month of May sun lords! There is a lovely breeze at night so I can be thankful.

We settled in the VRBO then took off to explore. What a vast mountainous area! We hiked around the cabin, drove to hike the Cat Walk, made time to balance across creek stones, hiked to the cliff dwellings, and ate lunches in the forest. It was a much needed retreat from my job and Rick’s work on the Orchard house’s fireplace (that deserves a whole separate post).

We had the best time even though we missed the college child. She finished her spring classes and began her 4 week summer classes. I remember that race: 16 weeks classes placed in a 4 week session. I suggested she only work one day a week if any because she will have time after class to work before fall semester begins. She has such a desire for independence. I remember being that way. I remember the desire to have my own money, my own place, meet my own needs and wants. I craved independence. I am glad she has the drive. I told her to persevere in these classes and she will succeed to earn the independence. She will succeed, I see the fire in her eyes.

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