World Crack

I have never lived through a time when you couldn’t leave your state or country. This is a new world we are moving towards and I am uncertain what to make of it. People in masks and wearing gloves. BTW…if you wear the rubber/plastic gloves into a store like Albertson’s then answer the call from your mother, continue to place milk in your cart as you put the phone to your right ear, pull out your credit card or money to pay your bill, rummage in your purse to gather your car keys, leave the store with the same gloves on…just know you are now dirtier than when you arrived. People just wash your hands, don’t touch your face or phone, just wash your hands. Now that I am off my rant….

I am looking forward to exploring the Gila National Forest. I read there is a magnificent place called the Catwalk plus the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. We are so ready to explore a small portion of New Mexico.

We also have an arriving birthday which I had to do a double take on when making plans for May 2021, we will be in the midst of a teenager next year…not that the first time wasn’t mind boggling but lets just do it again. This year he’ll be twelve, passing 6th grade, and developing his own world views.

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