Davaar Island


On Monday we meandered to Davaar Island. Davaar Island is located at the mouth of Campbeltown Loch off the east cost of Kintyre, Scotland. It is a tidal island, linked to the mainland by a natural causeway called the An Dhorlin.


The Dhorlin is only walkable at low tide. The walk takes about 40 to 45 minutes and allow plenty of time to return as the tide comes in fast to completely submerge the causeway.

The Dhorlin is made of pebbles, sand, shells, and seaweed. Along with any sea creatures that were left behind with low tide.

The island is farmed and home to a small wild goat heard and sheep. It is owned by Joe Turner, a pilot with British Airways, and his wife, Mary. Turner inherited it from his father in 1989.

Once on the island,  I was immediately greeted by those golden sheep. Sheep are so peaceful. Since the hours for low tide is limited I headed to the cliffs on my right. But not before I take another look at those sheep 🙂

The island has many caves, one contains a life size cave painting depicting the crucifixion. The going is rocky as you can see and involved a great deal of jumping and scrambling. It took me about 30 minutes to reach the cave. I did take note that I am at 70 minutes now and it will take me a equal time to return.



Here I go scrambling over large rocks and looking in tide pools.

As you can hear from the video I had no idea where the Crucifixion might be or where it could be. That is the main reason I walked around the whole island. I thought maybe I had not found the right cave.


It was painted in 1887 by a local artist Archibald MacKinnon after he had a vision in a dream. Upon seeing the painting the townsfolk thought it was a sign from God; however, once they learned it was MacKinnon, he was exiled from the town indefinitely. There is many small crosses left by visitors.

When I came back to Avalon (name of the house in Scotland) I was upset because I didn’t find it. I looked online for some details. Then reviewed my video footage of the one cave again.

It was there all along! So I edited my video footage to get a still.

crucifiction painting (2)

Once you see the painting you can return to the causeway to cross or head up the grass to the tracks to the lighthouse or continue around the island. Since I had no idea I already found the the art, I checked the time and continued around the island.

The lighthouse, built in 1854 by the famous lighthouse engineers David and Thomas Stevenson.

On the north side of the island by the peer there is a set of stairs leading to the grassy area. At the top I had a choice to go left toward the lighthouse or right toward the causeway. I checked the time and compared the current tide line with the arrival photo, water was definitely closer to the causeway.

Turning left brought me to this unimaginable landscape. Do you see my three human companions?


Me neither. They did not join me when I played ring-around-the-island. I did not spot them with the binoculars either. Maybe when I am past the grassy knoll I will see them on the causeway.


Campbeltown is in the background. I enjoyed hiking around the island.

Oh my gosh! You can hear the sadness in my voice! I was disappointed since I thought I had not found MacKinnon’s art and cave. It was dark in the cave with the crosses and I didn’t see anything on the walls that resembled art.


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